Commercial packaging

What is commercial packaging?

Packaging that, without being considered household, is intended for the use and consumption typical of commercial activity, wholesale and retail, catering services and bars, offices and markets, as well as the rest of the service sector

See the different definitions of packaging provided in the regulation (in Spanish).

Producers obligations

Royal Decree 1055/2022 on Packaging and Packaging Waste, approved on 27 December 2022, establishes an Extended Producer Liability (EPR) for commercial packaging from 1 January 2025. In other words, from then on, product producers will be required to finance and organise the complete processing of their commercial waste.

Until now, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) only applied to household packaging, with 13,200 companies meeting their obligations collectively through Ecoembes, as a Collective Extended Producer Responsibility System (SCRAP in Spanish) for 25 years.

Producers must comply with the EPR for commercial packaging individually or collectively, through a Collective Extended Producer Responsibility System (SCRAP). The remaining obligations of the product producers that are not financial and organisational must be complied with individually.

Ecoembes will promote a SCRAP for commercial packaging

Given this new obligation, Ecoembes wants to offer companies an all-in-one response with a single intermediary to comply with the Expanded Producer Responsibility (EPR) for all their household and commercial packaging. Because of this, we have started the process to create a new SCRAP that allows us to expand our scope of activity to commercial packaging.

Our purpose is to guarantee for this waste type the quality management, efficiency, operational agility and regulatory compliance that have characterised the selective collection of light household packaging during the last quarter century, using our experience to offer companies a comprehensive service that covers all their needs.

The Board of Directors of Ecoembes (made up of representatives from our companies) took this decision in May 2023, when the process to define and set up this system began, and which will be completed over the coming months to ensure compliance with the regulation starting in 2025. At this point, Ecoembes companies wishing to join this commercial packaging system can now apply for membership:

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