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25 years encouraging circular packaging

More than 13,000 businesses rely on us today to help them meet their household waste-related legal requirements. By paying the Green Dot fee, which serves as the foundation for the whole recycling management system, they are the ones who support Spain's system for recycling household packaging.

The towns' collection of waste placed in the yellow (plastic, cans, and carton) and blue (paper and cardboard packaging) bins, as well as their subsequent sorting and recycling to create new raw materials, are paid for with this contribution. We complete a cycle using the circular economy's guiding principles in this manner.

The evolution of society and the regulations on waste will drive Ecoembes to keep changing and will lead to the creation of a new SCRAP that will expand our area of activity to commercial packaging.

What procedures must you follow to join?

You can apply to join Ecoembes if your business is in charge of marketing packaged goods. By doing this, you will be able to fulfil your legal requirements under the Packaging Law, as well as take advantage of a number of benefits and services that come with being a Circular Company.

The steps for signing up with your household packaging are as follows:

  1. Finish filling out the membership application.

    Apply (spanish version)
  2. You will receive a copy of the membership contract and you must return it signed as soon as possible.

  3. Using the account and password we will email you, submit the packaging declaration online.

Aquí te detallamos los pasos que debes seguir para adherirte con tus envases comerciales:

  • Cumplimenta el acuerdo de compromiso de adhesión al SCRAP de residuos de envases comerciales.   

  • Envíalo firmado lo antes posible.  

Easily resolve all of your questions

If you have questions about how to join Ecoembes, or about the different processes (packaging declaration, invoicing, audit, prevention plans, etc.), we can give you answers quickly and easily.


Membership Manual


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