Our reason for being and purpose

In order to encourage businesses to include ecodesign into the production of their packaging and to promote the reduction of waste generation, we are the non-profit organisation that arranges the recycling of light household packaging in Spain.

By bringing together citizens, governments, and businesses, Ecoembes enables this chain, empowering us to make packaging recycling practical and so develop the circular economy.

We use a management approach based on public-private partnership, efficiency, openness, and technological innovation to carry out our job and meet the most challenging recycling goals.

History and Background

Ecoembes was founded in 1996 in order to address the responsibilities resulting from Law 11/97 on packaging. According to this rule, businesses are responsible for recycling the household packaging they put on the market. Ecoembes was developed by packaging businesses, distributors, and manufacturers as a cooperative and effective response to this obligation.

This legislation marks a significant turning point in our nation's transition to a circular economy because it requires businesses to accept responsibility for the environmental impact of waste generated by their products and to help in the raw material recovery process.

Our Proposal

To promote the circularity of packaging through its reduction, reuse, and recycling in order to help protect the environment.

Our Mission

To oversee, expand, and modernise the packaging recycling system in a way that benefits residents, enterprises, and authorities while being effective, open, inventive, ecologically ambitious, and non-profit.

Our Vision

To establish a circular economy that is effective, close, and participatory with a focus on environmental protection, owing to a vibrant community, ethical businesses, and government organisations dedicated to recycling.

Our Culture and Values

The selective collection of packaging is a reality for 99% of the Spanish population thanks to a superb team of people that go above and beyond their duty to protect the environment and support an activity that encourages recycling.

At Ecoembes, we develop the skills and leadership of our staff, so they may effectively perform their roles. This is a firm commitment with the hope of encouraging participation from our stakeholders in our joint effort to bring the circular economy to our society.



Taking care of the individuals that make up our team is a priority in a company like Ecoembes.

Great Place to Work

According to the consulting company “Great Place to Work”, Ecoembes has been named one of the 50 top companies to work for in Spain in the category of companies with 100 to 250 employees for the eighth consecutive year.

Committed to Work-Life Balance

The "Más Familia" Foundation has awarded Ecoembes a B+ performance rating as a Family Responsible Company (proactive company with work-life balance) for its commitment to a work environment that promotes effective equality between men and women.

Corporate Social Responsibility


At Ecoembes, we are a company with a long-term vision, and our CSR policies are consistent with both our culture and strategy.

To establish and deepen relationships based on trust with our many stakeholders, we advocate shared values and a relational approach focused on active listening, openness, and honesty.

We create shared and targeted channels of communication via openness and trust. We are able, therefore, to plan targeted response activities because we are aware of the expectations of our stakeholders.

Ecoembes is the result of the trust of our shareholders, who founded this organisation with a commitment to effectiveness and environmental respect based on ethics and transparency. We conduct our business with responsibility, eliminating any potential dangers to the economy, society, or the environment.

As they work together to execute the Packaging Waste SCRAP, they serve as a fundamental foundation of the organisation. We provide a good service at a fair price, which makes it easier to comply with legal requirements. We also develop technologies to enhance the environmental performance of packaging.

Recycling and collectors breathe new life into packaging by reintroducing it into the production process. At Ecoembes, we are dedicated to providing them with carefully chosen materials of the agreed-upon quality, rewarding them in an open-book manner, and fostering free market competition.

The Materials Entities represent packaging material manufacturers, collectors, and recyclers. At Ecoembes, we rely on their specific material expertise to perform studies on packaging, monitor trends, and conduct research to make these materials more recyclable.

Our employees are our most precious asset and the reason for our success at Ecoembes. We value the diversity in our staff since it encourages teamwork and a professional work environment. We also put in place work-life balance policies that allow to balance job commitments with family and personal duties.

We actively work with Public Administrations to guarantee that the packaging waste collection and sorting systems are effective from an economic and environmental standpoint. An illustration of the advantages of public-private cooperation is the Integrated Management System, which Ecoembes is in charge of coordinating. Efficiency, environmental protection, technical guidance, and public service are all included in this connection.

Transparency, teamwork, and respect serve as the cornerstones of the interpersonal interactions of Ecoembes. We are willing to share information on the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System's environmental accomplishments and to work together on initiatives of shared interest.

At Ecoembes, our supplier relationships are built on a foundation of trust. We use impartial selection criteria that emphasise technological, financial, and corporate social responsibility factors.

The secret to recycling packaging and its waste is citizen engagement. Therefore, to reduce the negative impact of packing, we transparently share both the outcomes of IMS and the preventative measures of packaging and distribution businesses. Additionally, we are dedicated to completing our purpose to support sustainable development in the packaging waste industry.



In order to build a circular, more affluent, environmentally friendly, and inclusive future, we operate according to a model that has a beneficial impact on both society and the environment. Within this context, Ecoembes directly supports the Sustainable Development Goals outlined in the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations by recycling and going above and beyond recycling.