Calls for offers and awards

Our upcoming calls for offers

Access the list of the upcoming calls for offers for awarding materials.

You may also download the documentation related to our calls for offers:

Resultado de adjudicaciones PET y PEAD desde febrero 2023

A continuación, te mostramos los resultados de las adjudicaciones de PET y PEAD realizadas en las últimas convocatorias.

Result of awards

Below we show you the results of awards done in the last calls for offers.

Award of offers to sell materials

Recycling agents may opt for materials from packaging selection plants. To do so, they must meet a series of technical, economic and environmental requirements that ensure correct treatment of packaging.

The first step is to be approved and validated and follow a duly audited award process. We explain it here.

Award process


At Ecoembes we undertake the responsibility of appointing the recovering and recycling companies for the different materials selected in the plants. Below, we clarify the main matters in the award process.

We publish them on our website for an open call, through the certified digital publication service of the Logalty company. You may download the file and submit an offer as stated therein. Each call will be published until the period to receive offers is over.

All the calls for offers for Light packaging materials are done by areas, each of them comprising several selection plants, except for the Paper Cardboard material, which are done by plant. In the case of materials in the "other waste" fraction (mass waste), they are done per plant too.

The call for offers document must include the following general conditions:

  • Material
  • Duration of the award
  • Deadline to submit offers
  • Offer reference
  • Amount expected to be awarded, according to best estimate available (it does not constitute a guarantee of delivery for a specific amount of material)
  • Economic offer request
  • Formula to review price and frequency of application (if applicable)
  • Expected date of Awarding Committee meeting
  • Other aspects that may be relevant

These conditions may be changed. If so, the changes will be duly detailed.

To take part, you must fill and send the call for offers documents. Offers must be sent to Ecoembes in a closed envelope, including the reference provided in the call for offer document and within the deadline set in the document. Offers received by other means or when the deadline is over will be excluded from the awards process.

The management of materials designations is done based on the Procedure to Award Materials from light packaging selection plants and the other fraction (mass waste), an internal Ecoembes procedure, following the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, audited on a frequent basis.

Awards are resolved in the Awarding Committee consisting of Ecoembes and an independent auditor that supervises and verifies the process.

Admission criteria for offers

Recycling and recovery companies must meet certain requirements for their offers to be admitted in awards.

We inform you of these requirements, as well as of other important aspects to bear in mind.

Assessing and awarding offers

When assessing the offers and awards, we also follow certain criteria that award points to the companies. Know all the aspects we take into account.

After the award

From Ecoembes, we contact the awarded companies, Local entities and/or Selection plants to inform them of the award. Here we explain all the steps following the award.

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Documentation and contracts

Access all the necessary documentation to be opt to an award.